I can't sign up. What am I doing wrong?

The registration system used is ENDU

If you are unable to register, try the following checks:

  • To access use a browser other than Internet Explorer (obsolete), we recommend Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • To access you must be registered with ENDU and have an account
  • If you are a new user you must register for the first time, creating your account. You will receive an account activation email which is essential in order to make your account active. If you don't receive this email, please also check your junk or spam mail.
  • If you are already registered and already have an account (email and password) you must log in by logging in with your credentials.
  • If you already have an account and do not remember the password, you must recover the password using the appropriate function


I signed up but I can't make the payment. How can I do?

If you signed up and your payment with credit card failed, there may be some connection problems, so please contact your bank.

If you have signed up but have postponed the payment to a later time but don’t know how to proceed, please follow the instructions below:

  • Check your inbox, you will have received an order confirmation email (also check the junk inbox)
  • Click on "order details" to access your order on ENDU
  • If necessary, log in to ENDU
  • Enter your order and proceed to payment


How can I check the status of my registration?

You can proceed as follows:

  • Log in to ENDU
  • Click on your name at the top right
  • Select My Orders
  • View your orders and check the status


What do I have to do to register as a daily member (daypass)?

We have dedicated a special page with all the information you may need, read here 

Can I switch from being registered as a member to a registered member of Fitri?

Yes, you can notify us at info@trioevents.it

We will send you a coupon with a value corresponding to the amount you paid for the daily membership cost (daypass), which you can spend on additional services or which you can use to register for other TriO Events races.


Is it possible to make group registrations or for an entire team?

Yes, ENDU registration system allows you to register several people in the same order, using the "GROUPS" mode(min. 5 people). Once you have added all the desired participants, you can proceed to checkout and payment. Payment in this case can only be made by bank transfer and fixed subsidized service fees of € 5.00 will be applied.

For sports clubs it is possible to use the “ENDU4 Team” registration method. This system allows you to import a file containing team data into the database that will remain stored for future registrations. With this system, advantageous conditions are applied to group registration.

The president of the sports club or the team leader is responsible for the data provided and for the acceptance of the regulations and terms and conditions for each registered participant.

The company or the foreman will be able to pay the total cost of the registrations in a single solution. At that point, each participant will be confirmed registration (if an email address is entered for each of them).


I have just registered but have not yet received the card number. How can I register?

The registration system does not necessarily require the insertion of a FITRI card number.

In these cases it is possible to register as a registered athlete and enter the card number at a later time, by accessing your reserved area.


Is it possible to receive a refund of the registration fee?

It is possible to receive a refund of the registration fee only under the conditions established in the Regulation

It is possible to request replacements or transfers to the next edition of the race no later than the terms established by the regulations (see the following points).


I registered but I can't participate, how can I act?

In case of non-participation, the registration fee will not be refunded, except in cases expressly indicated in the regulation.

It is possible to transfer your registration to the next edition no later than July 27th, 2024.

In this way the sum paid for registration will be kept valid for another race or for the next edition, with a charge of 10,00 for secretarial expenses.

It is possible to make the transfer by contacting the organization at the email: info@trioevents.it

Once the transfer has been agreed, a coupon will be issued which must be used at the time of new registration and entered in the appropriate space. The coupon will not cover any additional services and registration cost adjustments.

  • The registration moved to the following year is not automatic, each participant must register independently, using the coupon.
  • The registration moved to the following year is not transferable to third parties.
  • The registration moved to the following year is not further transferable in the following years.


Can I replace myself with an athlete who will take my place?

It is possible to replace athletes registered for the race at a cost of € 10.00 no later than:

  • On August 27th 2024 at 10:00 am for Olympic race
  • On August 27th 2024 at 10:00 am for Sprint race

Beyond this deadline, no substitutions or any request for changes to the starting list will be accepted.

It is possible to make the replacement by contacting the organization at info@trioevents.it indicating the inability to participate and the name of the replacement.

The organization will send a coupon that will allow the substitute to register independently by paying only the difference due for the € 10.00 of secretarial expenses.

If the replacement takes place when registrations are already closed, the organization will proceed with the registration and indicate the payment methods, the user must provide the complete details of the replacement.


Can minors athletes participate?

In Olympic distance competitions, only adult athletes are allowed. In the sprint race athletes who have not yet reached the age of majority are allowed, specifically starting from the Youth B category up or over 16 years of age. 




Is it necessary to wear a wetsuit?

The judges of the competition, at about an hour from the start, measure the temperature of the water and communicate to the athletes if the suit will be mandatory, optional or prohibited. It is not possible to know this decision in advance.


What is the clothing allowed during the race?

  • For the swimming portion: race costume or competition body, bonnet, goggles, nose clip. The suit should be worn only if decided by the competition judges. During the swimming-bike change it is necessary to remove the wetsuit and, for those who have carried out the swimming fraction with the competition costume, wear the competition body.
  • For the cycling fraction: competition body, cycling shoes and helmet (mandatory and approved). The equipment must be deposited in the change area before departure.
  • For the fraction of the race: competition body and running shoes.

As per FITRI regulation, it is allowed to wear the whole body; the broken body can be used only if the distance between top and shorts does not exceed 15 cm of detachment. For details, please refer to the FITRI technical regulation.


What features should the bike have? Is the time trial bike allowed?

All the features that the bicycle must have in order to be regulated are indicated in the FITRI technical regulation.

  • The use of a time trial bike is not permitted.
  • The appendices do not exceed the outermost front line of the brake levers.
  • Lenticular wheels and wheels are prohibited with less than 5 breeds.

For further details it is always possible to refer to the FITRI technical regulation


Is it possible to rent wetsuits, bikes or bodysuits?

The wetsuit rental methods, if available, are visible in the appropriate section of the site
Each athlete must be in possession of his own competition suit as it is not possible to rent it or buy it on the spot.
It is not possible to rent a bike, each athlete must be equipped independently with a suitable bike.




What does the race kit contain?

  • Official event gadget
  • Any other gadgets from sponsors
  • Numbered cap
  • Final refreshment
  • Head and helmet stickers
  • Tattoo
  • Magazine of the event
  • Chip MYSDAM


How the courses are made?

You can view here all the details about the ROUTES


What are the program and times for the race day?

In the page dedicated to the PROGRAM you will find all the information and the complete program of the days.


Is the draft allowed?

The draft is allowed.
It is always and in any case forbidden to wake up between male and female competitors and vice versa.


What is the maximum time to complete the race?

Below is the maximum time to carry out the different distances:
45 min to perform the swimming fraction (from the start of the last battery)
1 hour and 40 min to complete the bike fraction
Maximum Olympic distance: 3 hours and 30 minutes.

SPRINT: none


What do I have to present to collect the race kit?

It is recommended to show (in paper or on a smartphone / tablet screen) your registration confirmation email. Alternatively, just show up with a valid ID document or with your FITRI card.


When do registrations close?

  • OLYMPIC: August 27th, 2024 or upon reaching sold out
  • SPRINT: August 27th, 2024 or upon reaching sold out

Once the deadline has expired, they will not be accepted exceptions of any kind and it will not be possible to insert any athlete in the race. No exceptions are made, each athlete will receive the same treatment.