“Memorial Emanuele Bonfante” is a sporting event of open water swim in memory of Emanuele Bonfante. The race consists of a 3,2km competitive swim.
Participation presupposes the possession of a valid medical certificate on the basis of what is stated below in these Regulations.

By signing the registration form, you declare that you are in possession of a regular medical certificate, as described in this regulation and it also declares:

  • To have read the regulation and to accept it in full.
  • I have read the Terms and Conditions.
  • To have the regulatory requirements.
  • To know the characteristics of the event and to be in adequate psychophysical conditions for participation.
  • To want to adapt to the regulations, to the indications of the Race Direction and the organization staff.
  • To allow the use of their data by those involved in the organization of the event in compliance with the GDPR Reg. 2016/679 / EU.
  • To allow the use of photographs, filmed images, recordings resulting from one's participation in the event for any legitimate purpose, including advertising.



The program and the races could undergo variations. All participants are invited to check the actual times on the race website a few days before the event. The official program is the one published on the event website


Classic Swim 3200m

Italian registered athletes:
They must be in possession of a regular valid Italian LICENSE for the competitive activity, among those indicated below: FIN, FITRI, ACSI SWIM or one of the following bodies recognized by CONI with a SWIM section: CSAIN, FINP, CSEN, ENDAS, MSP ITALY, ASI, CSI, US ACLI, AICS.
All members must also present a B1 COMPETITIVE MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for SWIMMING or TRIATHLON (or sports similar to swimming).
NB: license and medical certificate can be uploaded online at the time of registration, or they can be uploaded at a later time by logging into and entering your private area.

Italian non-registered athletes:
During registration, they must request the annual ACSI membership by choosing the appropriate membership fee for "non-licensed" (the cost of the membership is €3.00 and is already included in the membership fee).
They must also present a B1 ITALIAN COMPETITIVE MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for SWIM or TRIATHLON (or sports similar to swimming).
The ACSI card is valid for one year. Upon successful enrollment (which will be carried out by the organization) it will be possible to view your card by downloading the ACSI app for free on your smartphone, entering your tax code and the verification code that will be sent via text message.

NB: The medical certificate can be uploaded online at the time of registration, or it can be uploaded at a later time by logging into and entering your private area.

Foreign athletes or athletes residing abroad:
FOREIGN participants must register as "non-licensed".
They must also present the appropriate MODEL OF MEDICAL CERTIFICATE FOR FOREIGNERS provided by the organization and DOWNLOADABLE HERE.
NB: the model of medical certificate for foreigners can be uploaded online at the time of registration, or it can be uploaded at a later time by logging in to
ENDU and entering your private area.


Competitive event.

  • 40 €: for registrations within May 22th (buoy included)
  • 45 €: for registrations from May 23th to June 22th (buoy included)
  • 51 €: for registrations from June 23th to July 25th (buoy included)
  • 57 €: for registrations from July 26th to August 27th (buoy included)

+ € 3.00 cost of the annual ACSI membership card only for NON-LICENSED athletes
Registrations close at 12:00 am on June 28th 2024.
MINORS: underage participants who intend to run the 3.200 m distance (from 14 years onwards) must ben Italian licensed athletes and present the appropriate written authorization signed by the parent.
DOWNLOAD HERE the authorization and send it to

Registration includes:

  • Silicone cap
  • Safety buoy with lace and race number (only for competitive distances)
  • Refreshment bag
  • MYSDAM chip
  • Bag deposit sticker
  • Assistance at sea
  • Medical assistance

The PAYMENT METHODS accepted are those foreseen by the registration management system
Please note that registration must be paid by 2 working days, under penalty of exclusion of the same.
The possibility of paying by bank transfer is eliminated starting from 7 days before the closing date for registrations and it will only be possible to pay by credit card for reasons related to the technical timing of payment accreditation.
Finally, it should be remembered that, if a registration is not paid within the established deadlines and in the meantime the next registration fee is triggered, the member is required to pay the next, therefore higher, registration fee in force at the time of the actual payment. .
Presence in the starting list is not guaranteed for those who have not made payments within the established deadlines and who make payments by bank transfer with closed registrations.



All group registrations (for groups of at least 5 members) take place like individual registrations via the system.
Here you can select the "group" registration method. This function will allow groups of at least 5 participants to benefit from fixed commission costs of €5.00 for the entire group and the possibility of paying by bank transfer.



ALL RACES: August 27th at 23:59, 2024 or upon reaching sold out



Minors can participate in the competition under the following conditions:

Classic Swim – 3200m: children from 14 years of age (born from 2010) can participate. Children can participate only if they are ITALIAN LICENSED ATHLETES by inserting a valid card. It is also necessary to present the ITALIAN B1 COMPETITIVE MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for SWIM or TRIATHLON (or sports assimilated to them, not other sports!)
Non-licensed minors are not accepted for the Classic distance.
Licensed minors can participate only by presenting written authorization from a parent (see below**).

**MINORS: minors Italian licensed participants who intend to run the 3.200 m distances (within the limits of the age ranges allowed by the regulation) must present the appropriate written authorization signed by the parent.
DOWNLOAD HERE the authorization and send it to




In case of non-participation, the registration fee will not be refunded. It is possible to transfer your registration to the next edition within and no later than July 27th, 2024. In this way, the sum paid for registration will be kept valid for another race or for the next edition, with a charge of € 10.00 for secretarial expenses. You can make the transfer by contacting the organization at the email address

  • The registration moved to the following year is not automatic, each participant must register independently, using the coupon.
  • The registration moved to the following year is not transferable to third parties.
  • The registration moved to the following year is not further transferable in the following years.


It is possible to make substitutions of athletes registered for the race at a cost of € 10.00 no later than August 27th 2024 at 10:00 am for all distances.
After this deadline, no substitutions or any request for changes to the starting list will be accepted.
To request the replacement, the member must contact the organization at the email address indicating the data of the new member (name, surname, license, birth date, email, t-shirt size, time on 1.000m, emergency contact).


The punching consists of the visual control to which every swimmer who accesses the starting grids will be subjected. The staff will check that each swimmer is equipped with the MANDATORY equipment for the start of the race. The chip in the pre-departure phase will also be detected by the appropriate mats.
Each swimmer must MANDATORY wear the following equipment (provided at the time of check-in at the Race Office):

  • CAP (of the color relating to the competition)
  • CHIP for ankle time detection
  • SAFETY BUOY (only for the distances in which it is foreseen). Safety system for all swimmers. **
  • BUOY STICKER (to be applied on the safety buoy for the distances in which it is foreseen)

** The Inflatable BUOY is a safety measure that is provided at open water swimming competitions. It is distributed at the Race Office at the time of check-in together with the appropriate strap to be able to tie it to the waist.
The RACE CHIP must be RETURNED upon ARRIVAL. Staff will be in charge of collecting such equipment from each swimmer after the finish line. In the event that a participant does not return the requested equipment, or has damaged it, he will be stopped and will be required to reimburse the material provided.
Those who do not wear the aforementioned equipment will not be able to take part in the start of the race.



The Race Office for the collection of race packages is located in Giardini Fraccalini, Mantova.
For timetables and details, consult the appropriate dedicated section on the website.
NB: the program may be subject to change. It is advisable to check the site before the event to check for any changes.



The timing will be carried out by an Official Timer SDAM with technology based on the use of "chips".
Each participant will be provided with a daily chip, which must be returned at the end of the race. In case of non-return, € 15.00 will be charged.

Information and conditions on the use of chips are published on the SDAM website at
NB: failure or incorrect use of the chip will result in non-inclusion in the ranking and non-attribution of the time spent.



 The swimmer (or his / her parent / tutor) assumes full responsibility for their participation. The organizers cannot be held responsible for theft, breakages or accidents before, during and after the event, both in the village area and in the parking areas.
The organization is not responsible for accidents during the race caused by other participants or resulting from the marine weather conditions and the conformation of the coast (surface rocks ...). The organization guarantees that all the equipment is made and installed in accordance with the law and that the safety measures have been correctly adopted.
The organization assumes no responsibility for infringements of current national and regional aquatic or coastal regulations by participants or their companions.
The organization, its sponsors and collaborators do not assume any responsibility for the actions taken by swimmers or their companions that may lead to claims / legal actions by third parties.
The use of the WETSUIT is free and OPTIONAL (Mandatory only if the water temperature will be below 16 °).
Participants who make "course cuts" and do not pass outside the official buoys of this area will be disqualified. (The number will be picked up by the control and security officers).





  • 1° ABSOLUTE MALE (Money prize + trophy)
  • 2° ABSOLUTE MALE (Trophy)
  • 3° ABSOLUTE MALE (Trophy)
  • 4° ABSOLUTE MALE (Medal)
  • 5° ABSOLUTE MALE (Medal)
  • 1° ABSOLUTE FEMALE (Money prize + trophy)
  • 2° ABSOLUTE FEMALE (Trophy)
  • 3° ABSOLUTE FEMALE (Trophy)
  • 4° ABSOLUTE FEMALE (Medal)
  • 5° ABSOLUTE FEMALE (Medal)

1st man and 1st woman absolute CLASSIC SWIM: € 200.00

+ AWARDS for Categories (first THREE men and women for each category will be awarded with trophy or medal, except for the Super Combined Swim):

J1 = <20 years
J2 = 21-29 years
M1 = 30-40 years
M2 = 41-55 years
S = over 56 years



If the organizers deem it necessary to suspend or cancel the event while the swimmers are in the water, the following procedure will be applied:

  • Security personnel will use whistles to attract the attention of all swimmers.
  • Swimmers must stop and follow directions from the staff safety.
  • This procedure may include partial or total evacuation to the ground.
  • All swimmers must, at the point of arrival, refer to the operator for roll call.

In the event of adverse weather conditions the race will take place in any case, unless the weather conditions worsen to the point of compromising the safety of the participants.
In case of cancellation before the start of the event or during the event itself, due to provisions of the competent authorities for certified natural causes and / or causes not dependent on the organizer's strict liability, no refund is provided.
In case of postponement to another date due to adverse weather conditions, the registration fee will not be refunded.
In case of cancellation by the organization due to ministerial provisions aimed at dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic at least 20 days before the date of the event, the fee will be fully refunded or maintained for another Swimtheisland event in the current year. or in the following year.
In the event of cancellation after this deadline, the organization reserves the right to grant a gift voucher or a discount voucher as a percentage of the amount paid, to be used on other Swimtheisland events in the current year or the following year.


The use of ambulances with doctors and nurses, permanent First Aid station in the finish area, professional water rescue service and with specialized personnel is foreseen.
Fixed and mobile points of Radio Aid.



The event is insured by the RC policy stipulated with Reale Mutua Assicurazioni. There is no accident insurance to cover participants for fortuitous accidents relating to the type of event and not attributable to the negligence of the organizer.
It is advisable for athletes to take out a personal accident insurance policy independently.


Participants are required to be in the starting grid area of each race 30 minutes before the official starting time. The route and other relevant information will be available on the official website of the race, sent to participants through newsletters and provided during the pre-race briefing in Italian and English.
Swimmers will be asked to enter the starting area 5 minutes before the start of the race, notice will be given at 3, 2, and then 1 minute before the official start.
All the starts of the races (1.800 m, 3.500 m) will be divided into starting heats, with a 3/5 minute difference from each other. Alternatively, in the event that the sanitation regulations aimed at dealing with the Sars-CoV 19 pandemic deem it necessary, departures can be carried out in ROLLING START mode with single departures or in small staggered groups.



The athletes and the managers of the clubs to which they belong, by sending the application for registration to SWIMTHEISLAND 2024, declare that they know and accept these regulations.

Personal data processing:
Participation in the Event involves the processing of participants' personal data for the purposes and in the manner described in the Organiser's Privacy Policy.
The data controller is the Organiser.
By registering for the Event, participants confirm that they have read the Organiser's Privacy Policy carefully.

Video-photo footage:
The modalities of conducting the Event foresee the shooting of videos and photos in order to document the event; among the services connected to the registration for the Event, the Organiser also offers all participants the possibility to purchase the photos and videos of the Event in which their image is present.
The video-photographic recordings will affect all the participants equally and will be published and made available on on TriO Events websites and social networks, on other advertising and information material and on the ENDU platform to allow viewing, purchasing (if provided) and sharing by participants and subjects thereby authorised.
The participant acknowledges and accepts that, in order to register and participate in the Event it is necessary to authorise the recording and use of one's own image in the manner and for the purposes indicated in this Regulation, as well as in the Disclaimer and in the Privacy Policy, in consideration of the public nature of the Event, of the object of the services of dissemination and commercialisation of the video-photo shooting of the Event as well as the impossibility to selectively limit the video-photographic recordings.


The organization reserves the right to modify the regulations and the program at any time, in order to ensure a better organization of the race. Any changes to services, places and times will be appropriately communicated to registered athletes by e-mail and will be published on the official website of the race and on social channels.