Memorial Emanuele Bonfante 

Italian non-registered athletes during registration, they must request the annual ACSI membership by choosing the appropriate membership fee for "non-licensed" (the cost of the membership is €3.00 and is already included in the membership fee).
They must also present a B1 ITALIAN COMPETITIVE MEDICAL CERTIFICATE for SWIM or TRIATHLON (or sports similar to swimming).

The ACSI card is valid for one year. Upon successful enrollment (which will be carried out by the organization) it will be possible to view your card by downloading the ACSI app for free on your smartphone, entering your tax code and the verification code that will be sent via text message.

See details on the MEDICAL CERTIFICATE

NB: The medical certificate can be uploaded online at the time of registration, or it can be uploaded at a later time by logging into ENDU and entering your private area.